Here's an animation I was playing around with on my free time.  The animation is pretty simple and straight forward. 


My process for something like this is to start out by getting the first pose of the shot and the camera angle I want to start with.  After that I work through the main poses while keeping in mind how the camera is moving through out the piece.  once I have those main poses in, I'll add at most one breakdown in between those main poses.  From there I'll do small sections in a straight ahead layered approach.  

Tips and Tricks:

I wanted to get a little more squash in the hand when he hits the button but the rig didn't have that capability.  So I decided to use a Lattice Deform on the hand when he presses the Button on the walkman.

Skaarj Walk:

Pretty simple test here.  

The main thing that I wanted to play around with for this test, was moving controls into world space and offsetting them in time to create overlaping action in the tail.  (something I've been learning from Richard Lico's class at www.animationsherpa.com). I find his approach really useful and really helps get nice results fairly quickly.

I don't feel comfortable jumping into the fine details of how to use this technique as it something Richard covers in his course.  So if you would like to learn more about how this process works, I would suggest taking a look at his website.  Though bear in mind it's not a beginner course.

Stay Tuned: More to come



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